Atlas Capital Group, LLC

General Contractor

DPR Construction




Pasadena, CA



Scope of work:

Services Provided

Unitized Curtain Wall, Storefront, Low-E Glass, Glass Doors & Hardware


Centered in historic Old Pasadena, CA, this 5 story building originally designed in 1974 was a 310,000 square foot building without any exterior windows in the façade. The building was re-envisioned by RIOS Architects to dramatically increase the exterior glazing and hence bring in ample daylight and fresh air into the building. A beautiful fully-glazed exterior courtyard was cut into the center of the building to add even more exterior co-working space and fresh air for the building occupants. The exterior façade features a unitized curtain wall system by YKK AP Aluminum Fenestration Systems, Guardian Low-E glazing and YKK zero-sightline operable window vents at each floor. This project truly embraces the essential elements that allow for a more healthy, happy and enlightened office atmosphere by maximizing the benefits of the glass and glazing envelope.